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Experience the "Bridal Festivals Connection" with an exhibit at the Bridal Festivals Wedding Expo! 

In Person - Bridal Festivals Wedding Expos allows every newly engaged couple to see your product or service up close. You will have the opportunity to meet EVERY bride, so let them taste the cake, smell the flowers and best of all meet YOU!

Variety - Every Bridal Festivals Wedding Expo provides an array of choices. This offers the engaged couple an opportunity to shop and compare BUT not get overwhelmed.

Motivation - You just met the engaged couple, they saw your products, knows your availability... they are now more eager to schedule a consultation and hire you! Face-to-Face marketing... you can't get that anywhere else.

Tell us about who your are below and we will personally call and email you the show registration form and pricing right away!

If you have questions or would like more information about being a part of Bridal Festivals Wedding Expo, please call (303) 400-7001 or email

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